Real Estate Attorney for Sellers 

Why Do I Need Legal Representation When Selling My Home?

As your real estate attorney, we will provide the resources and the knowledge to assure that, if you are selling your home, your best interests are always represented. Buyers will often ask that certain repairs, updates, or changes be made prior to finalizing their offer. In some cases, you may be willing to accommodate the buyer. In other instances, it may be cost-prohibitive, or otherwise not in your best interest to comply with certain requests.

We will not only advise you as to what requests may be suitable for you to agree with, but which are not. We will insure that your rights are fully protected by carefully reviewing the wording (and thus the obligations you are agreeing to) in the offer to purchase and in purchase and sales agreement; and of course, prior to you signing, we will make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions and are comfortable with them.

What If The Buyer Cannot Get Financing?

In most instances, the buyer’s agent or attorney will have already made a good faith effort to assure that the buyer is ready and able to purchase your property. However, it is possible for circumstances to change that can derail the purchase. We will work with you regarding extensions and keeping the purchase on track and work on any other obstacles that may arise.

Without your own attorney, you may not be protected should the sale “fall through”, leaving you potentially exposed and without compensation, for the time your listing was off the market.

I Don’t Want Any Surprises at the Closing

This is the single biggest complaint we hear from people who have previously sold a home. When we do our job right, and we will, you should not have any surprises at closing. We will review all the documents with you to insure that you, as the seller, are not agreeing to any unexpected terms or conditions, and that you fully understand all the documents that you sign.

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