Collections Lawyer in Massachusetts

We Help Creditors That Need Assistance in Massachusetts

If you need a collections lawyer, we can bring suit in Massachusetts against the defendant if that defendant is located in the Commonwealth or enforce a foreign judgment if the creditor has already obtained a judgment against the other party in jurisdiction outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and then seek to collect on that judgment by attaching the appropriate assets or wages.

The Typical Process of a Collections Case

We would need all supporting documentation that the Plaintiff has regarding the matter and as much information about the defendant as possible. Most collection matters are handled as contingency cases plus cost unless the plaintiff would prefer an hourly fee arrangement.

We Can Also Represent Out of State Defendants

We can also represent out of state defendants in lawsuits if for some reason they are being sued here.

Example: We represented an individual from Pennsylvania, that never lived in Massachusetts but was once a corporate officer for a Massachusetts company that went out of business and was being sued by a national bank. The company and the other co-defendants all had filed for bankruptcy but she did not want to do that. We successfully had the case dismissed here in Massachusetts.

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