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Why Do I Need Legal Representation when Buying a Property?

As your real estate attorney, it is our job to look after your best interests and ensure that any necessary protective clauses and conditions are included in your offer and purchase and sales agreement. Without an attorney, you may merely be agreeing to all the sellers terms. All Realtors in MA, by law, represent the sellers, unless you have your own contract to the contrary. Also, the attorney assigned to do the closing works for the lender, not you.

It is important that you meet with us before you sign anything. Otherwise, the best we can do is provide damage control or enforce the rights and duties you have already agreed to when you have signed the offer or purchase and sales agreement.

I’m Ready to Sign An Offer

An offer is the start of the real estate conveying process. As a buyer, you have certain rights and obligations, we will advise and help you to draft or negotiate the purchase and sale agreement. Each one of these documents is a legally binding agreement and we want to make sure what it means for your purchase, so your closing will go as smoothly as possible.

As the Buyer, Am I at Greater Risk?

Generally, yes. The seller is most often in a position to dictate the terms that are presented on the forms. Therefore, we will provide you, the buyer, with professional, accurate, and clear advice regarding the inclusion of the proper conditions that will allow you to get out of the contract, without, or with minimum penalty, depending on things such as home inspection and financing.

I Don’t Want Any Surprises at the Closing

This is the single biggest complaint we hear from people when purchasing a home. Our job in to minimize surprises by addressing issues before you ever get to the closing.

Should I Purchase Title Insurance?

Yes, we recommend title insurance to our clients. It is a low-cost, effective way to purchase protection against unforeseen title problems in the future for as long as you own the property.  Therefore, if a title issue occurs, your title insurance will handle it without further cost to you. In addition to owner title insurance, you will be required to obtain and pay if you are financing the purchase with a mortgage. This policy is for the lender’s protection, not yours.


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