Creditor Litigation

How Do I Collect Money Owed to Me or My Business if the Defendant is in Bankruptcy?

Creditors have to be careful not to violate the U.S. bankruptcy code when trying to collect from debtors in bankruptcy. If a debtor has engaged in fraud regarding unsecured debt, you may still be able to pursue your rights against that debtor as part of their bankruptcy case. However, deadlines are short. Do not hesitate to call us immediately upon discovery that the defendant is in bankruptcy. Also, if you are a secured creditor, we can get you the authority you need from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to proceed with your repossession or foreclosure. We are experienced in representing credit unions, banks and other secured lenders, at reasonable hourly rates that are not available at large firms. We can also help you in non-bankruptcy litigation in the state and federal courts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

What is the Typical Collections Process?

Our office will guide you through the gathering of all the supporting documentation you have regarding the matter. We will also obtain as much information as possible about the defendant. Collection cases are handled at an hourly rate or as contingency. We will fully disclose, as best we can, what the anticipated cost will be, but all costs are paid by the client. 

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